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Where to learn copywriting?

Wondering where to learn the art of copywriting that captivates your audience?

How do you craft compelling messages that leave a lasting impact?

Where to learn copywriting?

The journey to mastering copy starts with the right guidance. Have you ever wondered which avenues lead to the secrets of persuasive writing?

Let’s deep dive.

Where to learn copywriting?

It’s a question where young copywriters get confused and don’t really get the legit way to learn copywriting. Thus here are a few ways to learn copywriting.

Here take a look now

12 online courses where you learn copywriting

1. Coursera 

Certainly! If you’re looking to learn copywriting, Coursera offers a variety of excellent courses to enhance your skills. One highly recommended option is “Copywriting: Write Clearly and Concisely” on Coursera.

Where to start copywriting?

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the principles of effective copywriting, covering essential topics such as crafting compelling headlines, understanding your target audience, and mastering persuasive language.

With engaging video lectures and practical assignments, this course allows you to apply what you learn in real-world scenarios.

Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine your copywriting expertise, Coursera’s copywriting courses offer a valuable and accessible learning experience to help you excel in the world of persuasive writing.

2. Udemy

Udemy is an excellent platform for mastering copywriting skills with its diverse range of courses. “Copywriting secrets – How to write copy that sells” is a standout option.

Taught by industry experts, this Udemy course delves into the art and science of persuasive writing, guiding learners through creating compelling content that drives conversions.

With a hands-on approach, it covers key aspects like understanding customer psychology, crafting engaging headlines, and optimizing for different platforms.

The course’s practical exercises and real-world examples make it ideal for both beginners and those looking to refine their copywriting techniques.

Udemy’s user-friendly interface and lifetime access to course materials enhance the overall learning experience.


Are you eager to specialize in B2B and SEO content? If that’s the case, consider enrolling in the Success Works course, a trailblazer in SEO expertise and the originator of the inaugural SEO Copywriting Certification program in 2010.

Where to start copywriting?

Led by Heather Lloyd-Martin, acknowledged by Forbes as the ‘pioneer of SEO copywriting,’ the course zeroes in on web and social media writing skills, emphasizing keyword research, persuasive copy creation for conversions, and the crucial aspect of success measurement.

The commitment: Over a manageable 3-month duration.

Accessible from anywhere, it’s an entirely online program leading to an SEO Copywriting Certification.

Investment: $995.


  1. Founded by an SEO expert.
  2. Flexible online completion.
  3. Comprehensive learning about SEO and web writing.


  1. Exclusive focus on SEO-oriented copywriting; no coverage of vital areas like branding and marketing.
  2. Relatively high cost — nearly a thousand dollars for a 3-month period.


Presenting our TCC Academy, a culmination of years dedicated to refining our copywriting expertise—a treasure we can’t resist sharing with you.

The Copywriting Course The Creative Copywriter Academy

The Commitment: Immerse yourself in our Copywriting Kickstarter Course, a comprehensive journey for budding copywriters.

Bid farewell to internet searches for ‘how-to’ blog posts; everything you need is delivered by the course’s end.

Covering marketing fundamentals, advanced copywriting techniques, bookkeeping, invoicing, and securing gigs, you’ll be poised to launch your freelance copywriting business into the global arena.

The Duration: Embrace the flexibility of self-paced learning, tailored to your schedule.

The Reach: Accessible from any corner of the globe.

The Certification: Depart with a well-earned certificate of graduation.

The Investment: $290.


  1. Gain comprehensive knowledge from the ground up in freelance copywriting.
  2. Exceptional value for money, with potential returns from your very first gig.
  3. Self-paced and flexible—no need to rush through the course.
  4. Enjoy free access to a community of like-minded aspiring copywriters, fostering shared experiences, valuable content, and feedback from seasoned professionals.


  1. Those favoring strict deadlines might find courses with more structured rules preferable.


CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing) stands out as a premier marketing institution in the UK, offering a Copywriting Masterclass known for its excellence.

The Copywriting Course by CIM

With top-tier trainers, quality delivery, and intimate class sizes, it provides a comprehensive exploration of various topics.

The Commitment: A two-day masterclass.

Location: London, UK.

The Commitment: Earn a CIM Certificate in Copywriting, a recognized accolade from a trusted marketing industry awarding body in the UK.

The Investment: £1315.


  1. CIM leads in marketing knowledge, ensuring you receive the latest materials.
  2. The masterclass covers a broad spectrum, including essential marketing know-how.


  1. Relatively high cost for a two-day learning experience.
  2. Comprehensive understanding of all the nuances required for successful copywriting may be challenging to achieve within this timeframe.


The ‘IDM Award in Digital Copywriting’ offers a comprehensive exploration into the psychology of web copywriting, emphasizing the strategic use of emotional drivers and mastering persuasion across various channels.

Where to start copywriting?

As a leading UK marketing institute, this course boasts access to highly experienced tutors and carries the esteemed IDM stamp of approval.

The Commitment: A condensed yet intensive 2-day face-to-face session.

Location: Central London and Edinburgh.

The Certification: Participants receive 7 CPD (Continuing Professional Development) hours, a recognized accreditation that underscores the course’s structured and content-rich nature.

The Investment: £1125.


  1. IDM’s esteemed reputation instills trust in the quality of the teachings.
  2. Earn valuable CPD points applicable to other qualifications.


  1. Currently delivered digitally, which may not suit those seeking face-to-face learning.
  2. The cost is relatively high for a 2-day program, and the timeframe may limit the depth of learning.


Leveraging their extensive experience in marketing and advertising, eMarketeers.com excels at guiding individuals onto the copywriting ladder.

Where to start copywritng?

Among their varied offerings, the ‘Writing for the Web’ course stands out, catering specifically to those aiming to advance in the digital realm.

The Commitment: A content-rich one-day session.

Location: London.

The Commitment: Upon completion, receive a ‘Certificate in Copywriting,’ showcasing your expertise to potential employers, even though eMarketeers.com is not a recognized awarding body.

The Investment: £499.


  1. Attain expertise in web writing.
  2. The course is grounded in research and statistics, ensuring you receive the most current information.


  1. Focusing solely on web copy may limit a copywriter’s versatility.
  2. At £499 for a one-day course, it’s relatively expensive, and the depth of your copywriting knowledge may be somewhat constrained.


AWAI’s ‘Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting Course’ is a compelling offering, conceived by the highly successful copywriter Mark Ford, also known as Michael Masterson.

Landing page image for Copywriting Course AWAI

The Commitment: This course guarantees that you’ll emerge not just as a copywriter but with a winning portfolio.

You’ll master direct response copywriting, gaining insight into the trade secrets of crafting lucrative and persuasive sales copy.

The course is a substantial handbook of copywriting treasures, complemented by access to tutors guiding you through its contents.

You can progress at your own pace, engaging in two written assignments that receive expert critique and tips.

The Duration: Tailored to your preferences, allowing for a quick completion or a more gradual pace.

The Reach: Conducted entirely online, accessible from anywhere.

The Qualification: While not officially accredited, the course attests to a high level of professional knowledge.

The Investment: $495.


  1. Comprehensive coverage of copywriting techniques, guided by the expertise of renowned copywriter Mark Ford.
  2. Flexibility to learn from home at your own pace.


  1. Limited guidance on ‘setting up shop’ and the logistics of running a freelance copywriting business.
  2. Feedback is provided only on two assignments.
  3. Absence of a community of like-minded peers for collaborative learning.


Presented by experienced copywriter Carmine MasterPierro, this course delves deep into the intricate world of sales conversion copy—a challenging skill to master.

Copywriting Course to Master Copywriting in 30 days or less

The Focus: The course aims to enhance your sales copy, be it for social ads, sales letters, landing pages, or more, by guiding you through smart and efficient conversion copywriting techniques.

The Commitment: The course offers complete flexibility in terms of time, allowing you to progress at your own pace.

Location: Accessible online from anywhere in the world.

The Qualification: While not officially accredited, Carmine imparts his tried-and-tested formulas and knowledge.

The Investment: Approximately $350.


  1. Carmine, a seasoned copywriter with credentials from Forbes, Go Daddy, and more, shares his wealth of experience.
  2. Gain expertise in direct response and conversion copywriting.
  3. Each lesson includes tasks to measure your progress on your learning journey.


  1. The focus is solely on sales conversion copy, excluding broader tips and techniques for copywriting across various contexts.


Ideal for those craving insights directly from industry experts, this Copywriting course features seasoned copywriters as tutors, ensuring practical advice grounded in real-world success rather than mere theory.

Where to start copywriting?

The Journey: Navigate through 11 interactive assignments, each strategically designed to cover various facets of copywriting. Enjoy full email support from a dedicated tutor, ensuring you won’t be left stranded if challenges arise.

The Commitment: With flexible scheduling, take the course at your own pace.

Location: Accessible entirely online.

The Qualification: Upon completion, earn a National Diploma in Copywriting.

The Investment: Approximately £500, varying by location.


  1. Obtain a Diploma as a testament to your efforts.
  2. Gain insights on running a freelance business.
  3. Inclusion in their writer database opens doors to potential paid opportunities.


  1. Course material may lack readability and digestibility.
  2. Limited focus on teaching how to market oneself as a freelance copywriter


Geared towards marketing and communications professionals seeking to enhance their copywriting skills, this Professional Copywriting course provides a comprehensive guide.

where to learn copywriting?


Covering audience understanding, branding, corporate identity, effective headers, taglines, and writing for various media, it aims to elevate your proficiency in crafting compelling content.

The Commitment: A concise 1-day course.

Location: Primarily online, with options in London and Bristol.

The Qualification: While not officially accredited, the course still adds value to your CV.

The Investment: Approximately £345.


  1. Ideal for marketing professionals aiming to enhance existing knowledge.
  2. Offers telephone support from experienced tutors.


  1. Relatively high cost for a single-day course.
  2. Not suitable for individuals entirely new to the marketing domain.
  3. One day may not be sufficient for comprehensive learning.


This all-encompassing course offers not just education but a thriving community of copywriters, ensuring ongoing support beyond course completion.

Copywriting Course for Kopywriting Kourse

Covering the intricacies of creating persuasive copy, valuable content, and the practicalities of becoming a real-world copywriter, it provides a holistic learning experience.

The Commitment: Tailored to your pace.

Location: Entirely online.

The Commitment: Upon completion, receive a formal ‘Copywriting Course Certification,’ a valuable credential for your marketing materials.

The Investment: Subscription-based, with options of $291 per 3 months or $750 per year.


  1. Comprehensive coverage, including emails, sales, and ad copy.
  2. Access to a supportive copywriting community.
  3. Continuous guidance and feedback on your copy from professional copywriters.


  1. The course content may lack readability and ease of understanding.
  2. Limited coverage of marketing and branding fundamentals.

As you embark on your copywriting journey, explore the options carefully to align with your goals.

For those new or seeking specialization, check out our guide on ‘The Best Tool for the Job: Which Copywriter Do You Need?’ Offering insights into various copywriting roles, it aids in making informed choices.

Have questions? Drop them in the comments below, and let’s engage in a digital conversation.

Other courses

Click on one to skip to the course details:

Course Highlight Workload
Best Course on Copywriting Fundamentals on YouTube 5 hours
Work on a Project From Draft to Finished Copy 2 hours
Write Copy for Emails, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn 7 hours
Write Copy for Website and Landing Pages 2 hours
Copy to Optimize Landing Pages and Marketing Psychology 10 hours
Copy and Content Writing for Bloggers 16 hours
Learn How to Write Effective B2B Content 8 hours
Great Intro to Copy for Social Media 3 hours
Develop Basic Web Pages and Emails That Convert 2 hours
Write Copy for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn 1 hour
Write Copy for Ads 1 hour

Related faq’s

How do I start learning copywriting?

To begin learning copywriting, start by studying persuasive writing principles.

Read classic copywriting books like “Cashvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman. Analyze successful advertisements, practice writing compelling headlines, and create your own projects.

Seek feedback, refine your skills, and consider online courses or workshops to deepen your understanding of effective copywriting techniques.

Where is the best place to learn copywriting?

The best places to learn copywriting include online platforms like Copyblogger, HubSpot Academy, and Udemy, offering courses from industry experts.

Books such as “The Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert Bly and online communities like Copywriting Reddit can also provide valuable insights. Experiment with real projects to apply and enhance your skills.

Can I learn copywriting for free?

Yes, you can learn copywriting for free. Explore online resources like Copyblogger, HubSpot Academy, and YouTube tutorials.

Read classic copywriting books available at libraries or online. Join communities like Copywriting Reddit for advice.

Practice by writing your own copy and seeking feedback. Continuous learning and application will refine your skills.

How do I start to become a copywriter?

To become a copywriter, start by studying persuasive writing principles. Read classic copywriting books, like “The Copywriter’s Handbook” by Robert Bly.

Analyze successful ads, practice writing headlines, and create your own projects. Seek feedback, join online communities, and consider online courses.

Build a portfolio showcasing your skills and apply for freelance opportunities or internships.


Unlock the power of words with copywriting! Your journey begins here, but where to learn the art of persuasion?

Explore reputable online platforms like HubSpot Academy, Copyblogger, and Skillshare.

Ready to craft compelling content? Tell us, where will you enhance your copywriting skills? Drop your favorite learning spot below!

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