Hi, I’m Zilay Huma- An SEO freelance writer and blogger.

So how I just land here? Wondered… Back in 2019, I was laying at a hostel bed scrolling on a youtube channel, directionless, with no clue, but worried about my future. SOUND’S FUNNY

I was doing BBA with the thinking that someday I will start my business sooner.

At that moment I saw a boy teaching people “how to make money online with your WRITING”- And I was amazed.

Because I was pretty much writing at school, And enjoy writing.

I started to follow him and got to know him more. With time and youtube, I started to understand how things work online… With no money, I had only one option to start as a FREELANCE WRITER.

I still remember my first client was AQSA. And from there there was no back.

Till down I’ve worked with more than 500+ clients. Helping them to achieve 6 figures from their blog. From there I started my Upwork journey in September 2021.

However, with time I started my blogs in October 2022 with my team members. (I can’t expose those blogs- But I can share stats if you ask). And till now my blogging journey continue to grow and hopefully, it’ll reach on top.

Thus from there I also started teaching people with a (MISSION to help 1 Million people all around the world )on LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook page, Twitter, quora.

That’s pretty much about me- My hobbies are playing basketball, meeting strangers, traveling, and watching Netflix in my spare time.

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