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Is copywriting a good side hustle?

Is copywriting a good side hustle? Can you transform your way with words into a money-making venture?

These are the questions we’ll explore in this brief but insightful article.

In a world where remote work and freelancing have become increasingly popular, the power of persuasive writing is in high demand.

In a nutshell, copywriting can be a lucrative side hustle.

Is copywriting a good side hustle?

With the ability to craft compelling and persuasive messages, you can tap into a vast market of businesses seeking captivating content.

But what exactly is copywriting, and how can you turn your words into wealth? Let’s dive into it.

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Is copywriting a good side hustle?

Yes, copywriting can be a lucrative and fulfilling side hustle. It offers flexibility, allowing you to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

With the demand for quality content on websites, social media, and marketing materials, there’s a consistent need for skilled copywriters.

It’s a skill that can be learned and improved over time, making it accessible to many. As a side hustle, it provides an opportunity to earn extra income while honing your writing abilities.

However, success may require patience and marketing efforts to secure clients and build a reputation in the field.

What is a Side Hustle?

A side hustle is a secondary job or income-generating activity that individuals pursue in addition to their primary source of income, typically a full-time job.

Side hustles can take various forms, such as freelance work, online businesses, part-time gigs, or any endeavor that generates extra money.

People engage in side hustles to supplement their earnings, achieve financial goals, or explore their passions and talents.

They offer flexibility, allowing individuals to work on their own terms and often involve entrepreneurial ventures.

Side hustles have become increasingly popular, providing financial security and a chance to diversify one’s income streams.

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Can copywriting be a side hustle?

Yes, copywriting can be an ideal side hustle. It involves crafting compelling written content for businesses, websites, or marketing materials.

As a side hustle, it offers flexibility in terms of time and location, making it accessible for those with full-time jobs.

You can take on copywriting projects during evenings, weekends, or whenever it suits your schedule.

With the growing demand for online content, there are numerous opportunities to secure freelance copywriting work.

It allows you to leverage your writing skills to earn extra income, and with dedication, it can even evolve into a full-time career if desired.

What type of copywriting is most in demand?

Several types of copywriting are in high demand, but content marketing copywriting stands out.

Content marketing copywriters create blog posts, articles, social media content, and other informative materials that engage and educate audiences.

SEO-focused copywriting is also sought after, as it helps websites rank higher in search engine results.

E-commerce copywriting for product descriptions and email marketing copywriting for promotional campaigns are consistently needed.

Additionally, copywriters who specialize in creating persuasive sales copy for landing pages, advertisements, and product listings are in demand.

Ultimately, the most sought-after type of copywriting can vary based on current market trends and business needs.

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Can you do copywriting with no experience?

Yes, you can start copywriting with no prior experience. Copywriting is a skill that can be learned and developed over time.

Is copywriting a good side hustle?

Begin by studying successful copy, reading books on the subject, and taking online courses to understand the fundamentals.

Practice writing and build a portfolio of your work. You may need to offer your services at a lower rate initially to gain experience and build a client base.

Networking and freelancing platforms can help you connect with potential clients.

Over time, as you gain experience and improve your skills, you can command higher rates and establish yourself as a competent copywriter.

How to start copywriting as a side hustle

Now, take a look at how to start copywriting as a side hustle.

1. Create social media profiles

The first step to start copywriting as a side hustle is to create professional social media profiles.

Establish profiles on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, focusing on your skills and services as a copywriter.

Use a clear and engaging bio, showcase your portfolio, and connect with potential clients or peers in the industry.

This online presence will help you network, build credibility, and attract initial clients for your copywriting side hustle.

2. Launch a copywriting portfolio website

The second step in launching a copywriting side hustle is to create a professional portfolio website.

Use platforms like WordPress or Squarespace to build a website showcasing your copywriting skills and previous work.

Include a well-written bio, samples of your writing, and information on the services you offer.

This website will serve as a central hub for potential clients to learn more about your expertise, making it easier to establish credibility and attract clients for your side hustle.

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3. Start writing for free to build samples

The third step in beginning your copywriting side hustle is to gain experience by writing for free or low-cost projects.

Offer your services to friends, family, or local businesses in exchange for permission to use the work as samples in your portfolio.

This allows you to build a collection of writing samples to showcase your skills to potential clients.

As you amass more examples of your work, you’ll become better equipped to secure paid copywriting opportunities and establish your reputation in the field.

4. Pitch your network to find leads

The fourth step in kickstarting your copywriting side hustle is to leverage your network by pitching your services to friends, family, and professional contacts.

Let them know about your copywriting expertise and ask if they or anyone they know might need copywriting assistance.

Personal referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations can lead to your first clients.

Additionally, consider joining relevant online forums or social media groups where businesses seek copywriting services.

Networking within your circles can help you find potential leads and kickstart your side hustle.

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5. Use writing job boards to get paid gigs

The fifth step in establishing your copywriting side hustle is to utilize writing job boards and freelancing platforms to secure paid gigs.

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr feature various copywriting opportunities posted by businesses and individuals seeking writers.

Create a compelling profile, bid on relevant projects, and showcase your portfolio to attract clients.

These platforms can help you find consistent paid work and expand your experience as a copywriter while building a client base for your side hustle.

5 Copywriting Side Hustle Projects to Jump-Start Your Income

Certainly! Here are five copywriting side hustle projects to kickstart your income:

Is copywriting a good side hustle?

1. Blog Posts and Articles:

Offer to write engaging and informative blog posts or articles for businesses looking to improve their online presence.

Many websites seek fresh, well-written content to attract and retain readers.

2. Product Descriptions:

E-commerce platforms constantly need compelling product descriptions that not only describe the items but also persuade potential buyers.

You can offer your copywriting skills to enhance product listings.

3. Social Media Content:

Manage or create social media content for small businesses and startups.

Write catchy captions, engaging posts, and tweets to boost their online presence and engagement with their audience.

4 Email Marketing Campaigns:

Write persuasive email copy for marketing campaigns. Craft attention-grabbing subject lines and content that encourages subscribers to take action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

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5. Website Copy:

Many businesses need help revamping their website content to make it more engaging and SEO-friendly.

Offer your services to improve homepage content, about pages, and service descriptions.

These projects can help you build a portfolio, gain experience, and earn income as a copywriting side hustler.

Ready to Launch a Copywriting Side Hustle?

Absolutely, launching a copywriting side hustle can be a rewarding endeavor. With the demand for quality content in the digital age, there are ample opportunities to leverage your writing skills for extra income.

By creating a professional online presence, networking within your circles, and actively seeking projects on freelancing platforms, you can start securing clients and building a reputation.

As you gain experience and a portfolio of successful projects, your earning potential and opportunities will grow.

A copywriting side hustle offers flexibility, allowing you to work on your terms while pursuing your passion for writing, making it an exciting and lucrative path to explore.

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Related faq’s

How much can you make copywriting as a side hustle?

Earnings from copywriting as a side hustle can vary widely.

Beginners might earn around $15 to $30 per hour, while experienced copywriters can command $50 to $100 or more per hour.

Income also depends on factors like the complexity of the projects, your skills, and the demand for your niche expertise.

Do copywriters make good money?

Copywriters can make a good income, especially those with experience and a strong client base.

Experienced copywriters often earn competitive rates, and some even achieve six-figure incomes.

However, earnings can vary based on factors like expertise, niche specialization, and the demand for their services in the market.

Can you make 10000 a month with copywriting?

Yes, it’s possible to make $10,000 a month with copywriting, but it often requires significant experience, a well-established client base, and the ability to handle high-paying projects.

Successful copywriters who offer specialized and high-demand services can achieve this income level, although it may take time to reach such earnings.

Is copywriting in high demand?

Yes, copywriting is in high demand.

With the increasing need for digital content in marketing, websites, and social media, businesses and individuals seek skilled copywriters to create compelling and persuasive content.

Well, opywriting is a valuable skill in today’s information-driven economy, leading to a consistent demand for quality copy.

Copywriting as a side hustle…is it worth it?

Copywriting as a side hustle can be worth it for many. It offers flexibility, the potential for extra income, and a chance to hone writing skills.

While it may require time to establish, for those passionate about writing and marketing, it can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor.


In conclusion, copywriting is not just a good side hustle; it’s a great one.
With the demand for compelling content on the rise, it offers endless opportunities. But what do you think?
Is copywriting your ideal side hustle, or do you have other creative pursuits in mind? Share your thoughts below!

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